5 Top Perks of Hiring Luxury Concierge in Ibiza

  • 07 November 2016
5 Top Perks of Hiring Luxury Concierge in Ibiza

Let’s be honest, we all love holiday destinations but is there any single soul around who would disregard privacy over packed beaches and cluttered restaurants? Obviously not! The ultimate point of planning a luxurious holiday out of our busy schedule is to steal away some private peaceful moments from our life. In such a scenario, bespoke luxury concierge services come to the rescue...

Whether you look forward to enjoy mesmerizing Ibiza night-life or are just visiting the island to relish its delectable delights, Love Me Ibiza luxury concierge services can offer customized solutions to each single query you may have to make you have a calm yet fun-filled stay on the island. 

Here is a detailed view of how our luxury concierge in Ibiza can help you make your life easy on the island: 

Private VIP Treatment 

Love Me Ibiza provides you a personal chef, babysitter, bodyguard or tour guide at your command. Our trained and friendly staff makes sure that you have what you demand at your disposal within seconds. A personal attendant ensures that your vacation becomes a fulfilling experience by analysing the individual culinary and fashion taste of each visitor. 

Staff Well Versed in Local Knowledge 

Travelling to Ibiza for the first time offers you utmost confusion regarding choosing best shorelines to visit and amazing places to dine-in. Expert advice of Love Me Ibiza skilled concierge help you find a beach, restaurant, spa or club custom selected as per your preferences. 

Spend Quality Private Time with Your Family 

Our luxury concierge in Ibiza makes sure you receive complete privacy in hotel, parties, pubs, swimming pools or at beaches. Our sole motive remains to help you provide with some special hours to be closer to your friends, parents and siblings.

Flexible Routines

Love Me Ibiza VIP tour services are ultra-flexible and you can make any change to the routine at your whim. Our expert understanding staff will make the necessary arrangements in due time to enjoy what you wish to the fullest.  

Holidays Free From Any Hassles

Love Me Ibiza luxury concierge will arrange VIP table reservations and will provide exclusive high-end entry in crowded night-clubs, restaurants, pubs, peaches and other tourist hot-spots to enjoy your holidays like never before. 

Whether it’s booking a 5 star hotel, arranging a babysitter or bespoke cuisine, our luxury concierge in Ibiza can do it all for you in the blink of an eye. Contact Love Me Ibiza on info@lovemeibiza.com to avail our exclusive luxury concierge services in Ibiza or Formentera. 

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