Luxury Villas Redefining the Real Estate in Ibiza

Luxury Villas Redefining the Real Estate in Ibiza

Ibiza holiday homes have gone a huge makeover over time. The huge influx of tourists each year inspires architects and interior designers to come up with chic villa style options each single time to provide the visitors with a rich and extravagant holiday experience. 

While amenities such as private pools, HDTV, Jacuzzi and remote control appliances work as great magnets for the tourists from all around the world, the feeling of being at home in a strange place is also a great factor which drives people to choose a specific villa in a specific location on the island! 

Here are top Ibizan villa designs making headlines

Villa exuding a Mediterranean appeal 

Mediterranean aesthetics beautifully complement Ibizan landscape. Typical Mediterranean interior decor comprises of big windows allowing easy passage of light and air, walls painted in ochre and blue colours and minimal furniture to provide a simple yet relaxed setting. The rustic vibes of a Mediterranean villa ooze out a magical feeling in combination with lush Ibizan flora and fauna. 

Villas with an avant-garde essence 

Avant-garde villas provide a unique eclectic blend of modernity with multiple geometric shapes and vibrant colours used as highlights. These villas are a perfect choice for tourists looking for a combination of contemporariness and technology. Simple art works with designer furniture is what sets these villas apart. 

Typical Ibicencan villas 

Whitewashed villas built on solid rock foundations are hallmarks of traditional real estate in Ibiza. Having minimal ornamentation, typical Ibizan villas are known for having small windows and huge presence of wooden furnishings. 

All in all, spacious villas combined with simple art works and home automation systems have become the defining feature of Ibiza holiday homes. Love Me Ibiza is a premium dealer in real estate in Ibiza offering you wide range of choices in choosing a traditional or modern villa for your personal or official trips to the island. 

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