Investments in Ibiza

Ibiza has become one the top investment reality in the world for real estate. Investments in Ibiza keep growing for several reasons:
Summer properties demand has massively increased and consequently the prices
Long term properties demand has also increased as more families choose to live permanently in Ibiza for a better quality of life.
Rental market especially villas is increasing constantly

Love Me Ibiza thanks to the experience and know-how can manage any investment in Ibiza:
villa, house, condo, finca or terrace
Cocktail bar or restaurant
club or beach club
any activity

A qualified team will be at your service to make sure the best investment choice in ibiza following all the administrative and legal requirements.
During summer more than 3.500.000 tourists from every part of the world come to Ibiza.
Age varies from 18 to 65, people of any age, type and taste get here.
Over the last decade VIP and stars invaded the island.
The visibility of a brand in Ibiza has an international impact for sure.
Love me Ibiza can manage communication and marketing campaigns for every type of brand, including beverage, food, clothing etc.

Services Love Me Ibiza can offer, for example, are:
marketing strategies and communication
launch of products for restaurants, beach clubs, clubs cocktail bars, etc.
private event in villas or boats
events in public or private spaces

Love Me Ibiza offers a full service not only for the communication strategies but also for taking care of all the administrative and legal requirements.
Contact us for your investments in Ibiza, we will take care of your money in the best way!!!

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